Thursday, June 5, 2014

Organizing the Medicine Closet

When you're a teacher and it's summertime, you're at the pool. If it's raining, you're working on Pinterest projects. And that's just the way it is. 

So summer Pinterest project number one is household organization. Today I tackled the laundry room, my medicine cabinet, my spice cabinet, my makeup space and the bathroom cabinets. Yes, I'm a wild one. 

Push-pin boxes to save space
Laundry room/Pantry: My pantry is so tiny and is maxed out with food, so we use our little laundry room closet shelves for things like zip lock baggies, foil, plastic wrap, etc. I saw this idea on Pinterest to pin up your zip lock baggies with push pins to save space. I took it to the extreme and just started pinning everything to the wall. Whatever. It works. ;-)

 Medicine Cabinet:
If you're like me and have to take a bunch of supplements outside of a daily multivitamin, you probably have found that your medicine cabinet is overrun with bottles. I originally started out wanting to put my bottles in a 3m drawer organizer, but I couldn't find an organizer that would work right in the space and still fit all the bottles.. Instead I just labeled baggies with the vitamin and dosage and put the baggies into an organizer. Supplements done.


Now those boxes of medicine. Oh man, how I hate those suckers. They take up space and then once you dig through and find what you need, you have to open those difficult blister packs to get the pills out. I decided to cut the box's label and drug information out and put the pills inside there. Takes up way less space and I can still figure out what dosage to take later on. I wasn't motivated enough to open up all the pills, but if you wanted to, more power to you!

Overall After

I found a space saver shelf meant for dishes and decided this would be a good thing to use for my makeup, brushes, and face product. 

Hopefully the sun is out tomorrow so that I can do more exciting things with my time. :)


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